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Monster Munchies

Homemade Dog Biscuits
All dog treats are homemade, all natural, vegetarian, and free from dyes, salt and preservatives. 

Peanut Butter Bull Bites
Natural Peanut Butter, Natural Apple Sauce, Baking Powder, Whole Wheat Flour* 

Baby Bull Bag (10 small/medium biscuits- mixed shapes).... $5.00**
Big Bull Bag (20 biscuits- mixed shapes and sizes) ............... $10.00**

*Please indicate if a wheat-free substitute is desired. 
**For shipping, add $2 per order.

Or email the following information and send PayPal payment to
Phone Number:
Address (if shipping is required):
Item name and quantity:
Total amount due (plus $2 for shipping):

Before Baking
Sizes and shapes of final product will vary.